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Since the free american chat is about "Same-Sex" marriage in the "United States"; and since there's the US flag on one side, would it make sense to add the Pride flag on the other side of the box? I had translated the template from the original template at nl:Sjabloon:Homohuwelijk VS. I regard the issue of same-sex marriage belonging more to the legal realm, so the American flag is fitting. However, I am open ses ideas for improvement. As there is a islamd legal and social difference between civil unions and domestic partnerships, what do people think about creating two new classifications?

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There is no authority free online sext prevent a state tomorrow from creating a legal institution called a "civil union" that does not carry all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, or to prevent it from creating an institution called a "domestic partnership" that does carry all those rights and responsiblities.

By my count, in the US, there are three jurisdictions that use the "civil unions" term, three that use the "domestic partnership" term, and one that uses the "reciprocal benefits" term. This is not a large enough sample size to make assumptions, especially because, as you note, none of these institutions -- not even civil unions -- are uniform across states.

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To answer your specific responses: Civil unions, like marriages, must always be dissolved in court. Actually, according to the relevant article: In most cases, a domestic partnership must be dissolved through filing a court action identical to an action for dissolution of marriage. In limited circumstances, however, a filing with the Secretary of State may suffice.

Emphasis mine.

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If there is a legal status called "domestic partnership" that cyat equivalent in all but name to a "civil union", then people's perception that one is more like a marriage than the other is incorrect, no matter how widely held, and the article should serve to disabuse them of that notion. I would disagree with you and say that is exactly what we are supposed to do. Information is a powerful tool, and it becomes that much more powerful when delivered in a user-friendly format. The fact that the reality of the situation is so convoluted is precisely the reason people are black gay chat the dark about this subject.

By shedding an organized light on a very disorganized reality, it serves to make that reality more accessible to people.

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Your position seems to be one that would impede that goal for the sake of having dissemination of information mirror the complicated landscape it seeks to explain. Let me be clear by saying that clarification of this issue does not distort the truth in any way. Under the new format, ialand would still know that civil unions are different from DPs, which both are distinct from patners, and that many states have yet to make up their respective minds as to how to deal with the issue.

There is no authority to prevent a state tomorrow from creating a legal institution called a "civil union" that does not carry all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, patrners to prevent it from creating an institution called a "domestic partnership" that does carry all those sex chat random people in canada and responsibilities.

Two points: 1. There are many jurisdictions where there is authority preventing just such an occurrence from happening. On the other end of the spectrum, many states have amended their own constitutions to prevent calling such relationships marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, or anything else.

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Absent a constitutional amendment in all of these jurisdictions, iwland the legislatures nor the courts can do anything about it. For those other jurisdictions, you are correct.

But the state of the law as it currently stands is that no state has chosen to create civil unions and have them include anything less than all the rights of a married couple. Some have had these rights in adult chat yangjie for over 20 years e. San Francisco. You are right that only three states have chosen to use the term civil union to define a relationship on par with marriage.

I would argue though that jurisprudentially though, there is a clear trend towards referring to a marriage for same-sex couples as a civil union. The VT case which established civil unions has been cited positively dozens of time. Each time it is cited to positively by another case, it only strengthens the decision and the principles behind the decision. While the state has given a broader scope of rights with its DP legislation than any other state, it falls short of granting full marital rights and responsibilities.

At a quick glance, a CA DP would seem the same as a civil union. A closer examination of the law reveals differences though, such as the fact that a CA DP is available to certain opposite sex couples parties to a civil unions must be of the same sex or that no ceremony is required to establish the partnership In marriages and civil unions, a ceremony, whether religious or secular, must be performed to solemnize the relationship.

The requirements for a ceremony are very bare, but it still must be performed. These differences and exceptions, however subtle and small, are very real. You are correct in pointing out that the dissolution procedure is very similar to that of a civil union or marriage. However the difference, no matter how slight, is still present. I strongly believe that this perception that a civil union is more like a marriage as opposed to a DP is correct.

A survey of dictionaries affirms this perception as well.

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Legal dictionaries, regular dictionaries, and even the Wiki Dictionary all hinge their definition of domestic partnership on the fact that the people in a DP are not married. To try and use the term DP and marriage interchangeably would be incorrect. The rights are the same, all of the legal statuses are same, everything is the same except the name and the sex of the partners. While I hear your argument that there have only been three states to adopt this position, the law as it stands now reflects this idea and until there partnerss a change in the legal landscape to show chat 2yu, I think this article should highlight the difference.

I recognize that there are a few differences between California DPs and civil unions; however, to me the most important distinction is that, like civil unions in other states, California domestic partnerships are defined in state law along the lines of "a domestic partnership grants all the rights and responsibilities of marriage, with the following [very few] exceptions", whereas most other domestic partner laws rnode defined along the lines of "a domestic partnership grants the following specifically enumerated rights idland responsibilities of marriage.

I do have the following issues with your response, though islaand quotes are in italics : This swx actually something you said in an earlier response: This lack of uniformity makes DPs very different from civil unions. Actually, under California domestic partnership law, a same-sex couple who have been ed in a union in another jurisdiction that is "substantially equivalent" parrners a California domestic partnership is considered to hold a California domestic partnership as well.

I'm sorry, but this is very much not true.

The only institution that allows same-sex couples to marry is same-sex marriage, which is an institution that any state could create at any time, and which Massachusetts already has created. It's true, as you rrhode out, that under the current laws of the states that offer them, the only difference between a civil union and a marriage is the name; but if the name is unimportant, then why use a different name at all? And they are just literally just moments away.

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You can do all of this and more at The Lifestyle Lounge. A birth certificate issued in Rhode Island carries the names of both parents, including same-sex parents. State law recognizes the non-genetic, non-gestational mother as a legal parent to born via donor insemination. Whether a surrogacy contract, gestational or traditional, will be recognized depends on the Rhode Island Family Court.

Based afghan chat 123 flash recent decisions from said court, the state may grant parentage declarations before birth to married couples, unmarried couples and individuals. Same-sex couples are treated in the same manner as opposite-sex couples.

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Governor Gina Raimondowho ed the bill into law, said, "No parent should have to jump throug hoops to receive legal recognition because of their sexual orientation or the circumstances of their child's birth. The Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act enshrines into law our belief in the validity of all parths to parenthood.

partnrrs The new law insures that the rhofe need not go to court or go through adoption home studyand the non-biological mother is automatically recognized as a legal parent, akin to the father in partndrs opposite-sex couple. The state's child protective services agency expressed support for the new law, stating that the requirement of home study for same-sex couples having to adopt their own children was a "waste of the department's resources".

Discrimination protections[ edit ] Rhode Island law has outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation since and on free worcester sex chat basis of gender identity or expression since in employment, credit, housing and public accommodations.

The law also explicitly includes cyberbullying and harassment, and applies to all public schools. Gay panic defense[ edit ] In Junea bill to repeal the gay and trans panic defense passed the Rhode Island General Assembly by a vote of in the House and in the Senate.

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